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White Papers

These papers go more in depth on the technological advantages of LonWorks technology.

The LonWorks Platform
Considerations for Using XML Web Services for Device-to-device Communications
Building Automation
Building Automation Technology Review
Going Open - Wide Open
Open Specification Framework
Open System Design Guide
Investigating Open Systems - Comparing LonWorks and BACnet® (Published by Strata Resource)
Open Systems for Homes and Buildings: Comparing LonWorks and KNX (Published by i&i limited)
Street Lighting Systems
 Monitored Outdoor Lighting: Market, Challenges, Solutions, and Next Steps.
Industrial Automation
Technology Comparison: LonWorks System versus DeviceNet
Radio Frequency (RF)
Radio Frequency Control Networking: Why Poor Reliability Today Hampers What
Could Be a Viable Technology in the Future
Transportation Automation
Network Management in Rail Transit Applications Using LonWorks Control Networks


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