Echelon Enterprise Services 2.2 SR6/SP6 ReadMe

Release 4.10.011, November 10, 2017

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All Rights Reserved

1     Introduction

This document describes Echelon Enterprise Services (EES) 2.2 SR6/SP6.  You can install EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 to update previous EES 2.2 (SR5/SP5, SR4/SP4, SP3, SR1/SP1), EES 2.1, and EES 2.0 installations to EES 2.2 SR6/SP6, and you can install EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 without any previous installation of EES.  See the SmartServer 2.2 User’s Guide for installation instructions for installing the SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 software included with SmartServer 2.2 Controller.  See Installing EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 for instructions on installing the update and verifying that it has been installed.

Additional information and updates, including updates to this document and other SmartServer documentation, service packs, and critical software updates, may be available at  The latest documentation, service packs, and updates may not be included with your SmartServer.  See Echelon’s Knowledge Base at for answers to frequently asked questions.

EES 2.2 is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7, and is also compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows XP.  To provide full functionality, the EES software must be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Google Chrome 46 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 41 or newer, or iOS 9 Safari or newer.  If you are using a SmartServer with an LNS® Server, OpenLNS Server, IzoT® Net Server, the LonMaker® Integration Tool, the OpenLNS Commissioning Tool, or IzoT Commissioning Tool, you must be using the latest releases of each.

2      Contents

1        Introduction. 1

2        Contents. 1

3        Release Identification. 2

4        Installing EES 2.2 SR6/SP6. 3

5        Improvements. 4

5.1         Improvements in EES 2.2 SR6/SP6. 4

5.2         Improvements in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4. 5

5.3         Improvements in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4. 5

5.4         Improvements in EES 2.2 SP3. 5

5.5         Improvements in EES 2.2 SR1/SP1. 5

5.6         Improvements in EES 2.0 SP4 / EES 2.2. 6

5.7         Improvements in EES 2.0 SR2/SP2. 6

5.8         Improvements in EES 2.0 SP1. 6

6        Fixes. 6

6.1         Fixes in EES 2.2 SR6/SP6. 7

6.2         Fixes in EES 2.2 SR5/SP5. 7

6.3         Fixes in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4. 7

6.4         Fixes in EES 2.2 SR1/SP1. 7

6.5         Fixes in EES 2.2 (2.0 SP4) 7

6.6         Fixes in EES 2.0 SR2/SP2. 8

6.7         Fixes in EES 2.0 SP1. 8

7        Known Problems and Workarounds. 9

7.1         Missing EES Icon after Update. 9

7.2         Fast Data Log Transfer 9

7.3         EES AdminServer Upgrade Failures. 9

7.4         LNS Mode Deployment Fails with Different LonWorks Directory. 9

7.5         Extra Tab in Firefox when Using a FB Plug-in. 9

7.6         LNS Proxy Disabled after EES 2.0 IP Address is Changed. 9


3      Release Identification

This document applies to Echelon Enterprise Services 2.2 SR6/SP6 (Release 4.10.011).  To determine which release of the EES software you have installed on your computer, follow one of the following procedures:

·         For Windows 10, type Apps & Features in the Search box, press ENTER to open Apps & Features, and then click Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 Enterprise Services.  If the Version column is not displayed, right click the list header, select More, and then select Version to add the Version column.

·         For Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7, click the Start button, type Programs and Features in the Search box, press ENTER to open Programs and Features, and then click Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 Enterprise Services.  If the Version column is not displayed, right click the list header, select More, and then select Version to add the Version column. 

·         For Windows XP, open Add or Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel, and then click Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 Enterprise Services.  Click the Click Here for Support Information link. 


The following table summarizes the SmartServer and i.LON 100 e3 plus release history:




i.LON 100 e3 plus


April 2008

i.LON 100 e3 plus SP1


December 2009



January 2008

SmartServer SR1


March 2008

SmartServer SR2 and SP2


October 2008

SmartServer 2.0


October 2009

SmartServer 2.0 SP1


August 2010

SmartServer 2.0 SR2/SP2


February 2011

SmartServer 2.1 (streetlight system use only)


October 2010

SmartServer 2.2


October 2013

SmartServer 2.2 SR1/SP1


September 2014

SmartServer 2.2 SP2


March 2015

SmartServer 2.2 SP3


November 2015

SmartServer 2.2 SR4/SP4


March 2016

SmartServer 2.2 SR5/SP5


December 2016

SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6


November 2017

4      Installing EES 2.2 SR6/SP6

You can update any prior release of EES 2.2 SR1/SP1, EES 2.2, EES 2.1, or EES 2.0 to EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 by installing SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6.  Prior EES 2.2, EES 2.1, and EES 2.0 releases were included with SmartServer 2.0 with no service packs, SmartServer 2.0 SP1, SmartServer 2.0 SR2, SmartServer 2.1, SmartServer 2.2, SmartServer 2.2 SR1/SP1, SmartServer 2.2 SP2, SmartServer 2.2 SP3, SmartServer 2.2 SR4/SP4 and SmartServer 2.2 SR5/SP5. 

Earlier versions of EES could not be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows.  To install EES on 64-bit versions of Windows, install EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 without installing any previous version of EES.

SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 is available on a DVD or as a free download at To install the service pack you must have a prior release of the SmartServer 2.2, SmartServer 2.1, or SmartServer 2.0 software already installed on your computer.  To upgrade the i.LON 100 e3 Plus or SmartServer 1.0 software, you can purchase a license for the SmartServer 2.2 Software and the software will be provided to you as a software download.  The SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 software will not run on hardware releases prior to the i.LON 100 e3 Plus due to the smaller memories of the prior hardware releases.

To install EES 2.2 SR6/SP6, follow these steps:

1.      If you are updating an existing EES 2.0 installation, back up the ReceivedFiles folders stored in your LonWorks iLON\EnterpriseServices\repository\ees‑lnsproxy directory.  After you install the EES 2.2 SR6/SP6 software update, copy the backed up the ReceivedFiles folders to the LonWorks iLON\EnterpriseServices\repository\ees‑lnsproxy directory.

2.      If you are installing the SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 software from a SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 DVD, insert the DVD into your DVD drive.  If your computer does not have a DVD drive, insert the Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 DVD on a network accessible computer that has a DVD drive and copy the files on the DVD to a shared network drive.  If the SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 setup application does not start immediately, open the setup.exe file on the root directory of the Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 DVD.

If you are installing SmartServer
2.2 SR6/SP6 from a file that you downloaded from the Echelon website, double-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer to extract all the files.  Click OK when all the files are extracted.  The SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 setup application will start automatically.

3.      The Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 setup application main menu appears.

4.      Click Install Products.  The Install Products dialog appears.

5.      Click Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 Enterprise Services.  The Echelon SmartServer 2.2 SR6/SP6 Enterprise Services installer appears.

6.      Follow the steps of the installation wizard.  If you have an existing installation of EES 2.2, 2.1, or 2.0, the installation will automatically update it to EES 2.2.  See Chapter 1 of the Echelon Enterprise Services 2.2 User’s Guide for more information on installing the EES 2.2 software.

5      Improvements

5.1    Improvements in EES 2.2 SR6/SP6

5.1.1    Support for Security Enhancements

The Tomcat server included with EES has been updated from Tomcat 6 to Tomcat 8.5.20.  This update provides enhanced security, including fixes for CVE-2017-5664, MIME sniffing and X-XSS protections, removal of weak ciphers, SSLHonorCipherOrder, and NIST SP 800-92 log record storage requirements.  (ILC-2867, ILC-2870, ILC-2877, ILC-2979)

Added support for SSL keystore settings in the EES system tray service tool. (ILC-2869)

5.2    Improvements in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4

5.2.1    Support for Active or Passive FTP Connection Mode

The EES AdminServer now supports FTP Active or Passive connection mode.  A new property has been added in the Setup FTP of the Admin Server page to allow user to select active or passive FTP connection mode.  (ILWP-3319)

5.2.2    Added Creation Date Timestamp to the Backup and Template Entries

The EES AdminServer now displays creation date timestamps for backup and template entries.  (ILWP-56528)

5.3    Improvements in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4

5.3.1    Support for Different Versions of SmartServer Image Upgrade

The EES AdminServer has been updated to support SmartServer image upgrade for SmartServer 2.0 Update 1, SmartServer 2.0 SR2, SmartServer 2.2 SR1, SmartServer 2.2 SP2 and SmartServer 2.2 SP3.  (ILC-2808, 2809, 2821, 2822, 2826, 2827)

5.4    Improvements in EES 2.2 SP3

5.4.1    Windows 10 Support

The SmartServer EES software can now be installed on 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10.

5.4.2    EES Installation Path

The default EES installation path is now under C:\program files (x86)\lonworks on 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and C:\program files\lonworks on 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. (ILC-2813)

5.4.3    LNS Proxy License & EES Activation

Starting from EES 2.2 (EES 2.0 SP4), a SmartServer LNS Proxy License and EES Activation are no longer required. A license and activation is required for the LNS Server, OpenLNS Server, or IzoT Net Server, but no additional license or activation is required for the SmartServer LNS Proxy. (ILC-2816 & 67957)

5.5    Improvements in EES 2.2 SR1/SP1

Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is now supported.  EES 2.2 has been tested with Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, & 11; Firefox 9, 10, and 11; Chrome 16, 17, and 18; and iOS 5.1 Safari.  (ILWP-3158)

5.6    Improvements in EES 2.0 SP4 / EES 2.2

5.6.1    SSL Support for LNS Proxy

SmartServer is now able to contact and synchronize with the LNS Proxy in EES 2.0 through SSL. (68134, 68625)

5.6.2    64-Bit Windows Support

EES 2.2 is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows 7, in addition to the previously supported 32-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

5.6.3    Cross Browser Support

View EES 2.2 Web pages using Chrome and Safari in addition to previously supported browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox).

5.7    Improvements in EES 2.0 SR2/SP2

5.7.1    Improved Missing Type Handling

When using LNS network management mode, the LNS Proxy Server is now more tolerant of missing type definitions when importing a device interface (XIF) file.  Previously, importing a XIF file failed if any type definitions for types referenced in the XIF file were missing.  XIF files with missing types can now be imported. (57147)

5.8    Improvements in EES 2.0 SP1

5.8.1    Rapid Deployment

The EES AdminServer no longer stores the standard SmartServer firmware files in the template when you create an i.LON template.  This significantly reduces the time required to create and deploy i.LON templates.  See the EES 2.2 User’s Guide for more information

The EES AdminServer can now be used to create and deploy components to up to 100 SmartServers at a time.  A component is any collection of files that you want to deploy to one or more SmartServers from an AdminServer.  For example, a component may consist of an FPM app, resource files, XIF files, and custom Web pages that you want to deploy to one or many SmartServers.  See the EES 2.2 User’s Guide for more information.

5.8.2    Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Language Support

EES Web pages are now available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language versions, in addition to the previous English and German versions. (57186)

6      Fixes

The following table summarizes problems fixed in the EES 2.2, 2.1, and 2.0 releases and service packs.  The Issue column lists Echelon internal issue tracking numbers.  The release or service pack that first included the fix is listed in parentheses.

6.1    Fixes in EES 2.2 SR6/SP6




Removed dependency on MSXML4 which is no longer supported by Microsoft.


Fixed “Cannot contact the SmartServer Enterprise Service via SOAP…” EES System Tray error when selecting Opened Databases.


Fixed EES database corruption that causes the AdminService page to display empty list for SmartServer Image Upgrades.


Fixed improper SNVT_temp_p measurement units update from #US to #SI during LNS or IzoT Net Server synchronization.

6.2    Fixes in EES 2.2 SR5/SP5




Fixed garbled “Veuillez patienter s’il vous plait” French notification when logging into EES Admin Server.


Fixed an issue in EES Admin Service that causes the old/previous index page to remain/not get updated to the new index page without breaking user's custom index page.

6.3    Fixes in EES 2.2 SR4/SP4



ILC-2840 & ILC- 2850

Fixed an issue in EES AdminServer that caused SmartServer image/template backup/restore for different version to fail with “Invalid SOAP response or web UI internal error” message.

6.4    Fixes in EES 2.2 SR1/SP1




An XML/SOAP parsing error sometimes occurred on IE-11.

6.5    Fixes in EES 2.2 (2.0 SP4)




The Admin Service was not able to receive a Web connection with attachment via HTTPS/SSL.


Backups sometimes failed.


Import/Export did not work if EES connection is using HTTP only

6.6    Fixes in EES 2.0 SR2/SP2




i.LON projects with blank characters at the end of their names could not be exported or deleted.


When using the fast data log transfer capability, the data log extractor did not convert raw hex data in .bin files to the .CSV format.


When using the fast data log transfer capability, repository names were created incorrectly if the SmartServer’s logical IDs included hex digits.


EES did not start after being updated to EES 2.0 SP2/SR2.

6.7    Fixes in EES 2.0 SP1




An i.LON template that included an LNS network database contained the entire LonWorks Types folder.


When deploying an i.LON template that contained a capitalized license folder (“License”), the AdminServer incorrectly replaced the license files on the target SmartServers.


The EES Administration Service Web interface sometimes failed with Firefox 3.6.


If you installed EES 2.0 on a computer that does already have the Java Developer’s Kit (JDK) installed on it, the Tomcat Server used by EES 2.0 did not run.


An extra space appeared after the “AT” characters in the modem configuration files.


The LonMaker tool sometimes failed when many network variables were created in LNS mode.


The EES AdminServer could not update a Release 4.03 SmartServer 2.0 to Release 4.04.088 (SmartServer 2.0 with SP1).

7      Known Problems and Workarounds

This section describes known limitations and problems for this release.  Numbers in parentheses at the end of the descriptions are Echelon's internal issue tracking IDs.

7.1    Missing EES Icon after Update

The EES icon that is typically displayed in the Windows notification area will sometimes no longer appear after you install an update to EES.  Workaround: If the EES icon does not appear in the notification area after you install an update, either restart your computer or open the Echelon i.LON SmartServer 2. 2 Enterprise Services program folder and then click Echelon i.LON SmartServer 2. 2 Enterprise Services System Tray Tool. (59198)

7.2    Fast Data Log Transfer

When using fast data log transfer to send data logs from a SmartServer to a computer running EES, an IzoT Net Server, OpenLNS Server, or LNS Turbo Server must be installed on the computer with EES to extract data from the data logs.  The IzoT Net Server, OpenLNS Server, or LNS Server is required even if the SmartServer is running in standalone mode.  Workaround: Install an IzoT Net Server, OpenLNS Server, or LNS Server on the same computer with EES if you are using fast data log transfer.  The Echelon IzoT Net Server is available from (59348)

7.3    EES AdminServer Upgrade Failures

Stale EES AdminServer pages are sometimes displayed after the AdminServer is upgraded from an earlier version.  Workaround: Clear the browser cache after an EES upgrade. (57576)

7.4    LNS Mode Deployment Fails with Different LonWorks Directory

If you deploy a SmartServer template created on one computer using a different computer with a different LonWorks directory, the deployment fails.  Workaround: Ensure that the LonWorks directory is in the same location on the computers you use to create and deploy templates. (57543)

7.5    Extra Tab in Firefox when Using a FB Plug-in 

When you configure a functional block in the LNS tree using a plug-in, an additional tab opens if you are using Firefox.  Workaround: Close the extra tab.  (53410)

7.6    LNS Proxy Disabled after EES 2.0 IP Address is Changed

If you change the IP address of the computer running EES, the LNS Proxy Web service is disabled.  Workaround: Restart EES using the tray tool.  (54447)


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