OpenLDV™ Network Driver ReadMe

Release 5.0 Update 1
July 2016

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All Rights Reserved

1       Overview

The OpenLDV 5 Update 1 is an update for the OpenLDV 5 Network Driver, Release 5.0  The update adds the IzoT Network Services LonTalk/IP Interfaces application for Windows to OpenLDV 5.  The IzoT Network Services utility provides an interface to create and modify a Lontalk/IP channel over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi channel on a Windows computer.  A LonTalk/IP over Ethernet or Wi-Fi channel is called a LonTalk/IP-LAN or IP-70 channel.

Additional information and updates, including critical updates, may be available at  See for the latest OpenLDV news.

2       Installing the Update

You can only apply Update 1 if the IzoT Net Server is not present in your computer. If you apply Update 1 to a computer with the IzoT Net Server, the IzoT Net Server will stop working.   In addition, this update only works with Release 5.0 of OpenLDV—you cannot apply it to any previous (OpenLDV 4.0 or earlier) or future (OpenLDV 5.1 or later) releases. 

To apply Update 1 to OpenLDV Release 5.0, follow these steps:

  1. Extract all the files from the Update 1 archive into the LonWorks bin directory on your computer.  The LonWorks directory is typically C:\LonWorks or C:\Program Files (x86)\LonWorks by default
  2. If prompted by Windows to confirm overwriting an existing file, click No.  This means that the IzoT Net Server is present in your computer.  You can only apply Update 1 if the IzoT Net Server has not been installed in your computer.

3       LonTalk/IP Interfaces Application

Once you have successfully installed Update 1 into your computer, you can run the LonTalk/IP Interfaces application to create an IP-70 interface channel.  To run the LonTalk/IP Interfaces application, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your LonWorks bin directory, and then double-click the LonTalkIpInterfaces application.  For more information on the LonTalk/IP Interfaces application, see the IzoT Manual at