Adesto LonScanner 5 Protocol Analyzer Release Notes
Version 5.00.009 May 21, 2020

Copyright 2020 Adesto Technologies Corporation
All Rights Reserved


1      Overview

You can use the Adesto LonScanner 5 Protocol Analyzer to monitor, analyze, and diagnose the behavior of LON networks. It provides the advanced network diagnostic features common in data network analyzers, adapted to the unique needs of control networks. LonScanner 5 connects to IP-70 (ANSI/CTA-709.7), IP-852 (ISO/IEC 14908-4), and native LON (ISO/IEC 14908-1) channels, collects packets from those channels, and stores information from the packets into log files. You can use the log files to inspect and interpret the collected packets.

Following are the major new features for LonScanner 5:

         Simplified Installation: You do not have to enter an activation key to install the LonScanner software.

         IP-70 Channel Support: You can use LonScanner with IP-70 LON/IP channels as defined by ANSI/CTA-709.7.

This document contains changes and warnings for the LonScanner 5 Protocol Analyzer. For additional information and updates, go to the LonScanner Support Page at

2    System Requirements

The following section lists the system requirements for computers running LonScanner 5.


          64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

          1GHz x86 or x64 processor or faster with SSE2 instruction set or newer (2 GHz or faster processor recommended).

          Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5or newer.

         LON/IP or LON Network Interface. You can use any OpenLDV 5 compatible network interface including the Adesto SmartServer IoT and the Adesto U10, U20, U60, or U70 USB network interfaces.

3    Changes

Following are changes in LonScanner 5 (numbers in parentheses at the end of the descriptions are Adesto's internal problem tracking IDs):


         Packet interpretation and display has been improved for IP-70 LON/IP channels as defined by ANSI/CTA-709.7. (LSPA-6, LSPA-10, LSPA-46, LSPA-47, LSPA-48, LSPA-49)

         The installer no longer requires an activation key. (LSPA-11)

         Synchronization with local time has been improved. (LSPA-7, LSPA-52)

         Clearing the log now correctly resets the packet number. (LSPA-33)

         Circular packets no longer get packets out of order. (LSPA-41)

         The Format Columns & Select Columns (Use as Default for new windows) options are now enabled by default. (LSPA-2)

         File preferences now correctly get saved. (LSPA-43)

         Software crashes due to certain unusual packet types have been eliminated. (LSPA-40, LSPA-45)

4    Warnings

Following are warnings for LonScanner 5.

         LonScanner may not detect the transceiver type of a PCC-10, PCLTA-20, or PCLTA-21 network interface when an LNS 3 runtime is installed. Workaround: If you have an LNS 3 runtime and use a PCC-10, PCLTA-20, or PCLTA-21 network interface, open the Statistics menu, click Channel Parameters, and then select your channel type.  (36506)

         If you are using a circular log file and you attempt to access a log entry that is no longer available, you will see a warning dialog. Workaround: This behaviour is normal because the log entry is no longer in the log file. If this dialog pops up often, increase the log file size so that data entries are not overwritten as often.

         The log sequence number always starts from 0, so when entries are being deleted from a full circular log, all log numbers are shifted such that the top entry always starts from 0. Workaround: This behaviour is normal, but you can prevent it by displaying the arrival sequence number format in the packet log instead of the log sequence number. The arrival sequence number for a packet never changes, whereas the log sequence number may change with circular log files.

         If you install some older Echelon products after installing LonScanner 5, some files may be reverted to obsolete versions. If you experience unexpected software behaviour changes as a result of another software installation, follow these steps to repair the LonScanner 5 softrware installation:

1.      Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows Search box.

2.      Click Add or Remove Programs.

3.      Click the program to be repaired in the program list.

4.      Click Click Here for Support Information.

5.      Click the Repair button.

6.      Repeat 3 5 for the following programs:

         Echelon LonScanner Protocol Analyzer

         Echelon OpenLDV 5.1

         LonMark Resource Files 16.00