Echelon IP-852 Configuration Server

ReadMe File
Release 4.0, July 2011

Copyright © 1999-2011 Echelon Corporation
All Rights Reserved


1      Overview

The Echelon IP-852 Configuration Server software provides configuration and control of IP-852 channels.

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2      System Requirements


3      Installation

You must have Administrative Privileges in order to install this software.

4      Documentation

The primary reference documentation for this product is installed with the software, and includes:  IP-852 Channel User’s Guide, and the Configuration Server online help, and this ReadMe file.

After the installation has successfully completed, an item entitled Echelon IP-852 Configuration Server will appear in the Windows Program groups.  This item will contain shortcuts to all of the documents.

5      License

The license that governs the use of the Echelon IP-852 Configuration Server is agreed to during installation, or is included as part of the license displayed by any software incorporating the Echelon IP-852 Configuration Server.  A copy of the license is also installed in the same folder where the software components and this ReadMe file are installed, with the file name ConfigServerLicense.htm.