Echelon i.LON® Vision 2.2 ReadMe

Release 4.06.048, October 2013

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All Rights Reserved

1      Introduction

This document describes i.LON Vision 2.2. i.LON Vision 2.2 is shipped with SmartServer 2.2 Controllers, and you can apply SmartServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4) to update previous i.LON Vision 2.0 installations to i.LON Vision 2.2.  See the SmartServer 2.2 User’s Guide for installation instructions for installing the SmartServer 2.2 software included with SmartServer 2.2 hardware.  See Installing i.LON Vision 2.2 for instructions on installing the service release and verifying that it has been installed.

Additional information and updates, including service packs and critical updates, may be available at  The latest service packs and updates may not be included with your SmartServer.  See Echelon’s Knowledge Base at for answers to frequently asked questions.

i.LON Vision 2.2 is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows 7, and is also compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows XP.  To provide full functionality, Web pages generated with i.LON Vision 2.2 must be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 9 or newer, Chrome 16 or newer, or iOS 5.1 Safari or newer.

2       Contents

1       Introduction. 1

2       Contents 1

3       Release Identification. 2

4       Installing i.LON Vision 2.2. 2

5       Changes in SmartServer 2.2. 3

5.1        New Features 3

5.1.1    Improved Web Page Performance. 3

5.1.2    64-Bit Windows Support 3

5.1.3    Cross Browser Support 4

5.1.4    Additional Language Support 4

5.2        Fixes 4

6 Known Problems and Workarounds 6

6.1 No Fault Tolerance for Local Preset Values 6

6.2 Presets Not De-selected After Move. 6

6.3 Navigation Trees without Layers Do Not Display Correctly. 6

6.4 Inner Layers cannot be Selected. 6

6.5 Table Properties cannot be Set for Rows or Columns 6


3       Release Identification

This document applies to i.LON Vision 2.2.  To verify that you have this release on your computer, follow one of the following procedures:

·       For Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista, click the Start button, type Programs and Features in the Search box, press ENTER to open Programs and Features, and then click Echelon i.LON Vision SmartServer 2.2.  If the Version column is not displayed, right click the list header, select More, and then select Version to add the Version column.

·       For Windows XP, open Add or Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel, and then click Echelon i.LON Vision SmartServer 2.2.  Click the Click Here for Support Information link.

The following table summarizes the SmartServer and i.LON 100 e3 plus release history:




i.LON 100 e3 plus


April 2008

i.LON 100 e3 plus SP1


December 2009



January 2008

SmartServer SR1


March 2008

SmartServer SR2 and SP2


October 2008

SmartServer 2.0


October 2009

SmartServer 2.0 Update 1


January 2010

SmartServer 2.0 SP 1


August 2010

SmartServer 2.0 SR2 and SP2


February 2011

SmartServer 2.1 (streetlight system use only)


October 2010

SmartServer 2.2


October 2013

4       Installing i.LON Vision 2.2

You can install i.LON Vision 2.2 from a SmartServer 2.2 download image or DVD, or update any prior release of i.LON Vision 2.0 to i.LON Vision 2.2 by installing SmartServer 2.0 SP4.  Prior i.LON Vision 2.0 releases were included with SmartServer 2.0 with no service packs, SmartServer 2.0 SP1, SmartServer 2.0 SR2, SmartServer 2.0 SP2, and SmartServer 2.0 SP3. 

SmartServer 2.0 SP4 is available as a free download at but can only be installed on a computer with a prior release of the SmartServer 2.0 software.  To upgrade the i.LON 100 e3 Plus or SmartServer 1.0 software, you can purchase a license for the SmartServer 2.2 Software and the software will be provided to you as a software download.  The SmartServer 2.2 software will not run on hardware releases prior to the i.LON 100 e3 Plus due to the smaller memories of the prior releases.

To install i.LON Vision 2.2, follow these steps:

1.      If you are installing i.LON Vision 2.2 from a SmartServer 2.2 DVD, insert the DVD into your DVD drive.  If your computer does not have a DVD drive, insert the Echelon SmartServer 2.2 DVD on a network accessible computer that has a DVD drive and copy the files on the DVD to a shared network drive.  If the SmartServer 2.2 setup application does not start immediately, open the setup.exe file on the root directory of the Echelon SmartServer 2.2 DVD.

If you are installing i.LON Vision 2.2 from a SmartServer 2.2 or 2.0 SP4 file that you downloaded from the Echelon website, double-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer to extract all the files.  Click OK when all the files are extracted.  The SmartServer 2.2 setup application will start automatically.

2.      The Echelon SmartServer 2.2 setup application main menu appears.

3.      Click Install Products.  The Install Products dialog appears.

4.      Click Echelon i.LON Vision SmartServer 2.2.  The Echelon i.LON Vision SmartServer 2.2 installer appears.

5.      Follow the steps of the installation wizard.  If you have an existing installation of i.LON Vision 2.0, the installation will automatically update it to i.LON Vision 2.2.  See Chapter 1 of the i.LON Vision 2.2 User’s Guide for more information on installing the i.LON Vision 2.2 software.

5       Changes in SmartServer 2.2

5.1    New Features

5.1.1     Improved Web Page Performance

Performance of i.LON Vision custom Web pages has been improved.

5.1.2     64-Bit Windows Support

i.LON Vision 2.2 is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows 7, in addition to the previously supported 32-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

5.1.3     Cross Browser Support

View custom Web pages generated with i.LON Vision 2.2 using Chrome and Safari in addition to previously supported browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox).  i.LON Vision 2.2 has been tested with Internet Explorer 8 and 9; Firefox 9, 10, and 11; Chrome 16, 17, and 18; and iOS 5.1 Safari.

5.1.4     Additional Language Support

View custom Web pages generated with i.LON Vision 2.2 in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese in addition to previously supported languages (English, French, and German).

5.2    Fixes

The following table summarizes problems fixed in the i.LON Vision 2.0 releases and service packs.  The EPR column lists Echelon internal problem tracking numbers.  The release or service pack that first included the fix is listed in parentheses.




Selecting a cell in a table sometimes caused a crash.  (2.0 SP1)


The navigation tree object sometimes did not function properly when it was embedded in a layer. (2.0 SP1)


Programmatic data point names did not support presets. (2.0 SP1)


Repeated text formatting generated superfluous HTML code with superfluous nested styles. (2.0 SP1)


If you made changes to a frameset and published the Web page containing it, the changes did not always appear in your Web page.  (2.0 SP1)


You could not apply a background color to a single row within a table. (2.0 SP1)


You could not create a Navigation Tree object that has three or more nested Navigation Subtree items.   (2.0 SP1)


SmartServer custom Web pages did not support relative paths.  As a result, they do not work behind some proxy servers. (2.0 SP1)


The Poll Rate property in the Page Properties dialog did not function. (2.0 SP1)


The Data Point Name Substitution Values dialog did not list Web pages that have the appropriate placeholders in them.  (2.0 SP1)


A JavaScript exception sometimes occurred if a Scheduler object and SVG Slider object were placed on the same page. (2.0 SP1)


Navigation objects did not work correctly if they were located in a different directory from the frameset. (2.0 SP1)


Hyperlinks for ShowValue objects were not formatted correctly after the first visit. (2.0 SP1)


Absolute to relative path conversions were sometimes incorrect. (2.0 SP1)


Navigation Tree objects were limited to two levels. (2.0 SP1)


The NV index for an NV sometimes became negative after some changes to a device. (2.0 SP1)


Custom Web pages were sometimes deleted when upgrading Web pages from SmartServer 1.0 to SmartServer 2.0. (2.0 SP1)


HTML anchors were not handled correctly. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


HTML objects were permanently disabled if a specified feedback data point was not updated. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


If you added a table to a layer, you could not select the layer. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The custom JavaScript Object did not show the keys defined in the JavaScript file and did not allow new ones to be added. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


SVG objects could not be used to update data point values on an iPad. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The Data Log View object did not follow the poll rates specified in the Frameset or Page Properties dialogs. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The Data Log View and Data Point View objects did not display the correct data points when Day was selected in the Time Range property. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The slider in the Data Log View object was hidden when a fixed-time interval was specified in the Time Range property. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The Scheduler object could not be created or configured. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


Clicking an i.LON Vision link (Link object or Show Value object with link specified) caused an "#" symbol to be appended to the URL; therefore, objects stopped working after <F5> was pressed.  (2.0 SR2/SP2)


The LNS Text object sometimes failed on FPM Web pages. (2.0 SR2/SP2)


You could not move a layer with an image if the image was bigger than the layer.  (2.0 SR2/SP2)


When converting Web pages created using the original SmartServer i.LON Vision tool, the pages were sometimes corrupted by the upgrade process. (2.0 SR2/SP2)

6 Known Problems and Workarounds

This section describes known problems and their workarounds for this release.  Numbers in parentheses at the end of the descriptions are Echelon's internal problem tracking IDs.

6.1 No Fault Tolerance for Local Preset Values

The value of a local preset must match the format of the data point (for example, 100.0 for a SNVT_switch.value data point) or the local preset will not work.  Workaround: Specify a valid value for the data point or data point field when you create a local preset.  (54530)

6.2 Presets Not De-selected After Move

If you move a preset up or down the list in the Image Swapper, you cannot correctly change images.  Workaround: Close and reopen the dialog after you move a preset. (57593)

6.3 Navigation Trees without Layers Do Not Display Correctly

If you add a navigation tree to a page that is not on a layer, it does not display correctly.  Workaround: Always use a layer when inserting a navigation tree. (57091)

6.4 Inner Layers cannot be Selected

If you add an i.LON Vision object to a custom Web page, leave it in the default position in the upper left-hand corner of the Web page, publish the Web page, edit the Web page, and immediately add a new i.LON Vision object, the new object’s layer will be placed within the first object’s layer, and you cannot select the inner layer. Workaround:  Deselect the new object by clicking anywhere in the Web page, re-select the new object, and then move the layer to the desired location.  (54631)

6.5 Table Properties cannot be Set for Rows or Columns

You cannot set size, alignment, cell style, or text wrap properties for entire table rows or columns.  Workaround: Select properties for each cell individually. (57594)

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