IzoTô CPM 4200 EVK ReadMe
Release 1.00.18, September 27, 2016

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All Rights Reserved

1      Introduction

This document describes IzoT CPM 4200 EVK Release 1.00.18.  This release makes improvements over the 1.00 release in terms of the ability of the application to effectively use the microcontroller peripherals.†

For additional documentation see the IzoT CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK book at www.echelon.com/docs/izot.  The latest version of this ReadMe document is available online here.  See izot.echelon.com for information on Echelonís IzoT products.  Additional information and updates, including critical updates, may be available in Echelonís Downloads Web page at www.echelon.com/downloads.  Learn about Echelon support resources and see Echelonís Knowledge Base at www.echelon.com/support for answers to frequently asked questions.  Get free online training and learn about other training offerings at www.echelon.com/training.

2      Contents

1      Introduction. 1

2      Contents. 1

3      Requirements. 1

4      Release Identification. 1

5      Getting Started. 2

6      Documentation Updates. 2

7      Improvements. 2

7.1 Improvements in CPM SDK 1.00.18. 2

8      Fixes. 2

8.1 Fixes in CPM SDK 1.00.18. 2

3      Requirements

Hardware and software requirements for computers running the IzoT CPM 4200 SDK are listed in the IzoT CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK book at www.echelon.com/docs/izot.

4      Release Identification

This ReadMe document applies to Release 1 of the IzoT CPM 4200 SDK software.  To determine the current version of your IzoT CPM 4200 SDK software, follow these steps:

1.      Open the Windows Start menu.

2.      Enter Programs and Features and press the Enter key.  The Control Panel Programs and Features application opens.

3.      If the CPM 4200 SDK is installed, there will be the following two entries for it:

Echelon IzoT CPM 4200 Programming Tools

Echelon IzoT CPM SDK 4200 for xx bit Windows

The value for xx will be 64 for 64-bit Windows and 32 for 32-bit Windows.  The version number is shown in the Version column for these two programs, and will be the same number.  For Release 1, the version number is 1.00.15.

5      Getting Started

See the Getting Started book at www.echelon.com/docs/izot for instructions on how to get started with the IzoT CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK.

6      Documentation Updates

The documentation for the CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK is available in the Getting Started and IzoT CPM 4200 Wi-Fi EVK books at www.echelon.com/docs/izot.  Additional documentation is available at www.echelon.com/docs.

The IzoT Resource Editor's Report Generator supports a new IzoT target format.  You can use this format to generate an IzoT resource package for the CPM 4200 SDK from any resource file set available in the IzoT Resource Editor, including standard resource file set and any resource file sets that you create.  To generate such an IzoT resource package, right-click the desired resource file set in the Resource Editor and then click Report on the shortcut menu. This starts the Resource Report Generator.  Select the IzoT target and follow the displayed instructions.  See the IzoT Resource Report Generator User's Guide for more details.

7      Improvements

7.1 Improvements in CPM SDK 1.00.18

The following table shows the notable improvements in this release:


Include peripheral driver source with CPM SDK installer

8      Fixes

8.1 Fixes in CPM SDK 1.00.18

The following table shows the notable fixes in this release:


WEAK compiler attribute doesn't seem to work


Need to remove delay from the main loop


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